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Associated Ministers

27 November, 2014

Property speculators targeted by IRD

Revenue Minister Todd McClay says Inland Revenue’s proactive strategy to track down those attempting to avoid paying tax is showing big dividends.

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26 November, 2014

Progress reports released on tax avoidance

Revenue Minister Todd McClay today released two reports from officials relating to tax avoidance by large multinational companies.

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17 November, 2014

Minimum family tax credit to rise next year

Revenue Minister Todd McClay says working families who are eligible for the minimum family tax credit will receive a small increase from 1 April next year.

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31 October, 2014

Speech to Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand tax conference

I’m happy to say that New Zealand is in an enviable position with a good tax and social policy system. We are served well by our broad-base, low-rate (BBLR) tax settings.

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29 October, 2014

NZ to join global crackdown on tax evasion

Revenue Minister Todd McClay today announced New Zealand’s timetable for participation in a global automatic exchange of information aimed at cracking down on tax evasion.

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