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Rodney Hide

6 October, 2010

Hide To Visit Australia To Discuss Productivity And Regulation

Minister for Regulatory Reform and Minister of Local Government Hon Rodney Hide will tomorrow travel to Australia to meet with Australia's leading experts in the fields of productivity, regulation and local government. 

During Mr Hide's two-day visit he will meet with Victoria Treasurer John Lender MP, and CEO of the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal New South Wales James Cox, to discuss regulatory management developments in Australia. 

He will also meet with Chair of the Australian Productivity Commission Gary Banks, and Chair of the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission Dr Matthew Butlin, to update them on the progress with the establishment of the New Zealand Productivity Commission and to seek their views on how we can best ensure our Commission is as successful as Australia's. 

In addition, to assist with the upcoming first principles review of Local Government in New Zealand, Mr Hide will meet with Director of the Centre of Local Government at the University of Technology Professor Graham Sansom to discuss the constitutional reforms of local Government in Australia. 

"Australia's Productivity Commission has been very successful in helping lift the quality of public debate and policy.  I hope that by continuing to utilise their expertise we will be able to enjoy the same level of success here in New Zealand," Mr Hide said.



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