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Simon Power

5 November, 2009

Minister attending justice meeting in Australia

Justice Minister Simon Power left today to attend the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General meeting in Sydney.

The meeting comprises the Attorneys-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, its states and territories, and New Zealand's Minister of Justice.  Norfolk Island has observer status.

The meeting provides a forum for ministers to discuss and progress matters of mutual interest, and seeks to achieve uniform or harmonised action in the areas of responsibility of its members. 

Mr Power will speak about reform of the New Zealand criminal justice system, including initiatives in the Criminal Procedure (Simplification) Project to improve timeliness and efficiency in criminal cases, and the current review of the legal aid system by Dame Margaret Bazley.

"The meeting is a valuable opportunity for New Zealand to share its various initiatives for improving our criminal justice system with our Australian counterparts, and to learn from their experiences," Mr Power said.

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